Our Mission

We are devoted to giving cats and kittens the best quality of life possible.

The mission of Alaska Krazy Kats Cat Rescue, Inc. is to reduce the
number of homeless, abandoned, and abused cats through spaying,
neutering. and proper care. We strive to improve their quality of
life by educating our volunteers and adopters in proper feline care
as we find loving permanent homes for our cats and kittens.

We are a full incoporated 501 (c)3 non-profit organization!

Donations are always Appreciated. You can make checks payable and mailed to AK Krazy Kats Cat Rescue. 4630 suit C19 W. Reka Anchorage,AK 99508 Or if you have any kitty stuff of any kind or would like to donate kitty food or litter contact (907) 891-5451 for drop off arrangements. Credit card donations also appreciated.

Where do our cats come from? All over Alaska!

  • Flown in from villages,
  • Surrendered by owners unable to care for them,
  • Caught in humane traps from abandoned homes and lots,
  • The woods,
  • The alleyways,
  • Anywhere a cat is in need!


One year ago I adopted Loki (top)! He has settled right into our family dynamic even playing with my 90 lb dog. He really loves his big brother (Thunder). Thank you Krazy Kats!!!!

Cheryl V. & Loki

Love these pets! We adopted our sweet girl, Reepicheep, a little bit ago and she’s absolutely a perfect fit to our family! She’s the tiny one in the back. Her brothers Sunshine and Mr. Banks really love her. I love it when they all curl up next to me.

Kathryn A.