Kitty Corner Adoptions

Adoptions: What You Need To Know

  • We will do our best to find the right feline for your home. We get to know our kitties so that we can find the right owner with regard to other pets, temperament, and children in the home.
  • Cats take awhile to adjust to new surroundings. Kittens especially need a lot of time to bond. We recommend that you adopt
  • kittens in pairs or have another at home. Kittens need lessons on how to be cats!
  • Each cat has a unique personality. Not every cat is a good fit for every person. You could try fostering first and adopt later once you are sure the fit is right. however this is subject to felines needing foster care and approval.
  • All adoptions are subject to approval and references. We are careful with each of our kitties!

To begin the adoption process, please fill out our adoption application by downloading our adoption form here and emailing a completed copy to


Fixed kittens are $170. upto age 6 months, All little kitten fees $95.00 plus a $30.00 Requirements Deposit, Alterations **MUST BE DONE BY AGE OF 6 MONTHS AND NO SOONER THEN 4 MONTHES**. To be adopted kittens must have their first of 3 required vaccinations,(adopters agree to do any remaining vaccines in time sensitive dates due) our Veterinarian recommended 3 vaccines 3-4 weeks apart to benefit the kittens and at least two round worm dewormings, checked/ treated for ear mites if found, 3-5 day treatment for Giardia preventive & microchipped. Teens 6 months or older and Adults Vaccinated with,FVRCP/Distemper (may have a booster remaining, some are Fiv/ Leukemia Tested and all Micro-chipped & Altered teen to adult. Adoption fees range from 155.00 down to 75.00 for seniors 10 or more yrs old & Barn kittys no fee.